The Sexy Business of Finding a Profitable Niche to Target

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Are you face-palming yourself, trying to figure out which industry (or niche) you want to enter? Are you racking your brain wondering who the hell would even care about a website on samurai swords, emergency response systems, natal hypnotherapy, or bleaching your…you know…unmentionables? Don’t laugh, that’s actually a really hot niche! Deciding which niche you are going to build a … Read More

It’s the Little Things

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A few weeks back I wrote about my new so-legit-I-wouldn’t-be-surprised-if-she-could-levitate yoga instructor, Weena. I’m now 3 weeks into her class and even more infatuated with her. Maybe it’s because I can now sit with my one leg straight up in the air. Or maybe because I can balance on only two hands. Or maybe it’s because I recently found out … Read More