3 Easy Link Building Techniques You Can Start TODAY

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easy backlink techniques

Why do we need external links pointing to our sites?

Links are like SEO currency, with certain types being more valuable than others. For example a forum link that exists on a page that has no Pagerank and contains content unrelated to the page being linked to, will be much less valuable than one that has the complete opposite characteristics.

Links that appear on relevant pages with high Pagerank (4+) can be considered your “big notes”.  The problem is, they’re so damn hard to find! One of the only techniques I know of obtaining these types of super powerful links is to either pay for them (which can get expensive) or better yet own them yourself (more on this in a later post).

Therefore the question is, are they absolutely necessary?

5 Hacks That Will Improve Your Site’s Quality Score

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how to recover from panda

* This is Part #2 in the series on boosting Quality Score. If you haven’t yet read Part #1, you can do so by clicking here.

I’m going to show you 5 easy-to-implement techniques you can use to avoid a Google Panda beatdown.

Before that happens though I need you to first setup Google Analytics if you haven’t already done so. Don’t worry, it is free to install. That link will take you to the signup page, then just follow the steps and get it up and running before moving on.

You will also need a Google Webmasters account. Again this is free to setup and easy to install. To really be able to make a change on your site, you’re going to need at least one month worth of information in both Webmasters and Analytics.

Boosting Quality Score: How To Recover From Google Panda

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how to recover from panda

If there is one thing each and every site owner knows, it’s that keeping up with Google’s algorithm changes and updates can be a roller coaster of frustration, anger, relief and joy – all smashed into one month!

And while tweaking and perfecting your on-site SEO can be a yawn-inducing challenge, it is absolutely crucial to your site’s overall success.

In fact, if you have  had a site for anywhere over 2 years then you know what I mean when I say “in March of 2011, everything changed”.

That month Google rolled out one of their most destructive update, calling it ‘Panda’ to make it sound nice and cuddly. However it was nothing short of vicious.


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How to unSEO your SEO

SEO is not my thing. I don’t generally find it interesting, if anything I find it downright confusing and ridiculously time consuming.

Luckily, I married a dude who loves it and relishes in discovering new tactics and strategies.

While I’m completely SEOver it, I am also acutely aware of its importance to our overall business and therefore know I need to pay attention to it. Even if I have to do it through clenched teeth and the world’s biggest pout.

Wheatgrass & SEO

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Wheatgrass shots

Let me start by apologizing for not sticking to a regular posting schedule with the Daily Screw over the last two weeks.

Unfortunately getting the book finished and available on time took precedence over everything else. All I can say about last month is, “I’m glad it’s over” and now we can get back to building our biznass!