Adventures in Outsourcing

It’s no secret that we have been a little hesitant to loosen the reins on our business and hand over some of the responsibility to someone we have only ever met on a computer screen. We hmm’d and hawed, wrote out a list of pros and cons and came up with worst case scenarios until we finally […]

14 Ways to be Productive

14 Wicked Ways to be Productive

We’ve been on a mission lately to become more productive throughout our day and work smarter, not harder. We have been getting up earlier, exercising daily, juicing, eating healthy, visualizing, meditating, getting organized in our business, outsourcing and really trying to take things to the next level – not only for our own benefit but […]

Ritual to Riches

Last week I mentioned that we are knee-deep in Eben Pagan’s course Wake Up Productive which is all about streamlining your life, ridding it of the junk that isn’t working and forming habits that help you succeed beyond your wildest dreams. So far, I’m loving it! I feel more focused, more on-track, I have more […]

Discomfort, Productivity and the Search

For the last 5 weeks myself, Josh and our friend Henno have been taking part in Eben Pagan’s 3 month course, Wake Up Productive. It’s been challenging, frustrating and rewarding. It has also made me feel a smidge uncomfortable…which is how I know I need to stick to it. You see, this course is all […]

Creating Personal White Space

Lately I’ve been struggling. Struggling with the overwhelming amount of tasks laid out before me, yet struggling to relinquish my control-freak habits and trust in someone else’s ability to perform menial daily tasks or create content at the level we require. But this isn’t anything new for me. I always seem to struggle to loosen […]


April 26th: Procrasti…Shut The Hell Up & Do Your Work!

Let’s just say writing a book is, err, challenging. Procrastination is a daily occurrence, which I imagine is the case due to the creative nature of the work. Of course good preparation can somewhat alleviate the pain of thinking what to write next, but ultimately procrastination will rear it’s ugly head from time to time. Today […]

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