The Ultimate Membership Site Launch Strategy

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Ahhhh launching. It can feel like such a stressful, frantic time in your business. From making sure you’ve got your content sorted… To queuing up your launch emails… To building attention around your offer… To creating your sales page… To crafting compelling ad copy… To nailing your webinar… There is a lot that goes into getting a project off the … Read More

5 Signs You Should NOT Start a Membership Site

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Peep this… One of my favourite things to do with the Screw is to be real AF, pull back the curtain and show you inside our business. From the strategies we live and die by, to the ups and downs we endure to what’s working in our business today, we tend to bare it all. It’s kinda our thing. So … Read More

9 Unexpected Lessons We’ve Learned from Running an Online Business

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It all started on a balcony in Tamarindo, Costa Rica on December 7, 2012… Josh and I were a few days away from getting married and mere weeks away from celebrating our first year in business, running our affiliate marketing business together. The sun had just set (which I Instagram’d), “Roots, Rock, Reggae” was playing in the background and we had … Read More