You Did What on Your Honeymoon?

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I was tempted to start this post off making sexy-time innuendos, but what we really did on our honeymoon was….work. Don’t get me wrong; we frolicked, we boat-cruised, we snorkelled, we trekked, we cliff jumped, we rode elephants, we ate, we drank, and we had tons of…wait…what? The point is we honeymooned and honeymooned hard. More on that later. But … Read More

943 Words on Why You Need to be Marketing on Pinterest

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So here I am sitting in our hotel lobby in Koh Samui, Thailand, killing time before our flight to Krabi. Usually I would use this time wisely to get some solid work done, yet today I find myself creeping Pinterest, doing anything but working. An almost-daily occurrence in my work routine. Typically I would guilt myself about wasting work hours … Read More

Goodbye Toronto, Sawatdee Ka Thailand!

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Sawadee Ka! We have arrived in Thailand, are jetlagged as all hell, eager to shut our eyes and wake up to our new life. But first, I need to get this off my (sweaty) chest. What? It’s freakin’ hot here! But I digress. So yeah, we left Toronto * fist pumping* but oh em freakin’ gee was it ever hard … Read More

I Do’s and Countdowns

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We did it! We signed on the dotted line on an empty stretch of beach in Costa Rica, surrounded by the people we love most and made it official. The week itself was nothing short of a dream. Unless you count the fact that I got a hole kicked in my eardrum (long story, but let’s just say you shouldn’t … Read More

Ready, Willing and Waiting

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I have been wanting to get my ass in gear and start writing this one post for SO long. To start this site. To start documenting the lifestyle that we consider ourselves so fortunate to be living. And yet I’m not sure why today is the day I have decided to start. After all, as I sit here writing it’s … Read More