A Mondayitis Motivation Moment

JillMindset10 Comments

Mondays. I used to hate ’em. They were always filled with mile-long to-do lists and an overwhelming “how the hell am I going to get through it all?” sensation. And no matter how hard I worked that day, I always seemed to feel better on Tuesdays. I don’t know why but that’s just me. Then I stumbled upon a wicked … Read More

Coffitivity: One of My Favourite Online Productivity Tools

JoshBlog4 Comments

I usually can’t work in silence. Jill, on the other hand, requires damn near deafening silence if she needs to write a post or do anything that requires her to be creative. So yeah, we’re pretty much polar opposites when it comes to working conditions. While there is always the option to split up and find our own ideal workspace, … Read More

301 Redirect Your Fear

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Running your own lifestyle business can be scary. Really scary. Not knowing how many sales you will get today can be scary. Not knowing whether your site is going to get slapped in the next update can be scary. Not knowing why your traffic isn’t converting as well this month as it was last month can be scary. Not knowing … Read More

The 5 Best Ways to be Unproductive

JillProductivity14 Comments

I just quit my side job that I’ve had now for the last 18 months. It was in the field of procrastination, and let me tell you, I was a freakin’ pro at it. I had honed my skills to include constant distractions, wandering thoughts, pointless tasks, social media creeping, and some serious meme scrolling. Basically, it included any task … Read More

Koh Tao, Thailand: Take a Thaim Out

JillTravel2 Comments

What can we say about Koh Tao? It’s a 21 kilometer emerald jewel nestled in the middle of the Gulf of Thailand. Just a short ferry ride from neighbouring islands Koh Phangan and Koh Samui, this little slice of paradise is an island like no other. From friendly locals to backpacking Westerners, straight-from-the-sea seafood to mouthwatering curries, whale sharks you … Read More

Lessons From the Koh Tao Mafia

JoshLifestyle9 Comments

When living on a small island in the Bay Of Thailand you can hear some pretty crazy shit. For instance, a couple we met here moved into an apartment right next to Jill’s yoga studio. The place they found was a really nice one bedroom apartment, fully decked out with beautiful chic Thai furniture, dark hardwood floors – plus it … Read More