April 25th: Femspiration

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There is not one week that goes by that I don’t look to my fave femmes to drop some business knowledge on me, inspire me to level up and reach for more in our business. Whether that is an idea for a product, a topic for a post, a marketing strategy or just a new way of looking at an … Read More

April 24th: To Make Ends Meet

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I often hear in conversation people using the term “to make ends meet” and it usually goes something a little like this: Person: I hate my job. Me: Well maybe you should quit and do what you love instead? Person: Yeah but I have to be able to make ends meet right? First of all, most people (including me) don’t … Read More

April 23rd: Missing Home

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Today is my mom’s birthday. And I’m missing it. Now for some people this may not be a huge deal because you get to be overseas, living your dream life or planning your next adventure, but for me it’s a sad day. You see, my mom and I are thick as thieves. We talk nearly every day and I miss … Read More

Why Money Can Make You Miserable

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Before we left Toronto I met up with a girlfriend I knew back in my bartending days, G. G was always one of my favourite girls to chill with, and even though we didn’t see a lot of each other, I always knew when we did meet up we would spend most of our time laughing, girl talking and just … Read More

April 22nd: Staying Calm

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Today was one of those challenging days to start the week off. I’m attempting to register the motorbike we bought secondhand here in Chiang Mai. However being that we live in Thailand, nothing is ever as simple as it should be.

April 21st: Sponging on a Sunday

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If there is one thing I truly, wholeheartedly believe in it’s learning from those are way, waaaay smarter than I am. And while I like to think I know a thing or two about this industry now, I have so much to learn and so far to go. Which is why today I chose to forgo all work (it is … Read More

April 20th: Accountability

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Today was a big day. We finally set a launch date for our book “The Art Of Authority”, due to go live (for free) on May 20th. One of the most difficult challenges in our business is forcing ourselves to set up a situation where we are held accountable.