May 1st: De-Vicing

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Have you ever heard yourself or someone else mention the phrase “everyone has their vices”. I know I have used it on many occasions in the past and for a long time I just assumed that’s how things worked. But what if it wasn’t? What if instead we focused our efforts on the idea of de-vicing our own lives? Today I … Read More

April 30th: The Haters

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Two days ago a woman emailed me through our skin care site looking to submit a guest post. Obviously I am very open to guest posting, hell, I just wrote about a post all about how to guest post! So yeah, I’m a fan. Since I abide by a certain standard for the level of quality I provide to other bloggers, … Read More

April 29th: The First Day Back

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Let me preface by saying a lot of you are going to think we’re crazy after reading this post. For the first time in god knows how long, we spent 2 ENTIRE days away from any kind of electronic device! Now I’m not disputing the fact that it was a welcome change and we enjoyed the time away from the … Read More

How To Guest Post Like a God(dess)

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SEO can be one of the trickiest elements in getting your site to soar up the search rankings. It’s a process I both love and loathe. Instead of choosing to focus on placing our link on some shady network of high PR sites or commenting on hundreds of sites in the hopes of finding a do-follow link, we choose to … Read More

April 28th: The Best Shower I’ve Ever Had

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This weekend we had some friends from Koh Tao come to Chiang Mai for a visit. We always have a blast together so we figured it would be fun for the four of us to see a bit more of the area. We decided to sign up for a trek through the jungle where we would ride elephants and go … Read More

April 26th: Procrasti…Shut The Hell Up & Do Your Work!

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Let’s just say writing a book is, err, challenging. Procrastination is a daily occurrence, which I imagine is the case due to the creative nature of the work. Of course good preparation can somewhat alleviate the pain of thinking what to write next, but ultimately procrastination will rear it’s ugly head from time to time. Today I had a bit of … Read More

Fitting Out

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Why is it that from the moment we’re born, most people travel down a path that would eventually lead to us fitting into societies requirements as to how we should live our lives. Perhaps it has something to do with our overwhelming need for connection. To be apart of something is to connect with others who are apart of the … Read More