Boomerang for Gmail: Don’t Be a Needy Emailer

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When you live and work online you can become pretty freakin’ accessible. Sometimes too accessible. With emails flooding in at all hours of the day, notifications going off and disrupting your work flow it can be hard to resist not replying right away. And let’s face it, sometimes we don’t want to appear too eager or let the other person … Read More

May 9th: One of the Boys

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Today we needed to have a hardcore work sesh and with the looming deadline of our book quickly approaching we decided we needed to bust out the big guns and make our way over to Punspace – a sleek co-working space here in Chiang Mai. What can I say, it was me and 7 guys – a single girl’s dream! … Read More

May 6th: Dreamin’ Ain’t Easy

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Today Jill and I had one of those truly electric moments where we sat down at the corner coffee shop and dreamt up a list of things we needed to experience in the next 5 years. Afterwards we certainly felt a major injection of energy, but during the exercise I certainly noticed a level of anxiety at many of the … Read More

May 5th: Spotting the Opportunity

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One of the challenges I have faced with both our skin care and our beauty sites is that we have two thriving newsletter lists full of people who have signed up to get weekly free DIY tips. Now to most people that doesn’t sound like a challenge, it sounds amazing!

Glimpse: Songkran Chiang Mai, Thailand

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By far one of the wildest festivals we have taken part in so far has been Songkran Chiang Mai. Known as the biggest water fight in the world, Songkran is the most famous festival in Thailand and is a 3 day (but seems to be stretched out over 5 days) long weekend to celebrate the traditional Thai new year – … Read More

May 2nd: Being Vulnerable

JillMindset4 Comments

Today was an exciting day! We had our first podcast interview with Mike Cowles from Epic Marketer! It went seamlessly and was a ton of fun. We laughed, we shared insights, lessons we have learned along the way and we talked shop. We couldn’t have been happier with how it went. And then it was over and I went into … Read More