How To Rock Your Launch Week (Without Day-Drinking) & Close Like a MOFO

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how to have a successful launch

You’ve connected with your audience… You’ve mapped out your blockbuster offer… You’ve created a baller pre-launch plan… And now? It’s launch week! So how do you keep this momentum going and the sales flowing…especially when there are SO many moving parts to any given launch or promotion? Simple. Listen to me and our not-so-secret secret weapon, Bond (our personal ad strategist AND partner … Read More

How To Create a Baller Pre-Launch Plan

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profitable launch

If there is one thing I’ve learned about running launches or promotions, it’s this… Your pre-launch phase is absolutely paramount to your launch’s success. Not only that, but it can make or break your launch. Sad, but true. Why is this? Because its during these few golden weeks where you have the opportunity to build attention and anticipation in the … Read More

3 Steps to Planning Your Blockbuster Offer

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How to have a profitable launch

We’ve all had one of THOSE moments. You know what I’m talking about, right? Those moments where you have this stroke of brilliance, come up with a wicked idea for a product and the wheels start turning as to how you can get this thing out there, make cash money and become straight up INTERNET FAMOUS! I mean, it’s the thing … Read More

The Ultimate Facebook Groups “Ask Me Anything”

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Facebook groups for business

Real talk: I’ve learned a LOT in the 2 years I’ve been managing the free Screw the Nine to Five FB group. From figuring out how to genuinely engage members and build a tight-knit community, to growing the group to over 40,000 members without spending a dime on ads to do it… Learning how to market the hell out of our business inside the … Read More