Ain’t No Website Shame in Our Game: A Before & After of the New Screw

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We all do it. We dream BIG dreams for our business… We envision thousands of subscribers… Industry-wide notoriety… 5-figure months that rival half our yearly salary… And the waves of success that are sure to come rolling in as soon as we launch! So we grind it out and get our website up using a simple WordPress theme, we create our own logo (I’ve done … Read More

How To Use Facebook Retargeting to Build Your Email List for Free

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Confession… When we first started running Facebook ads I expected to make our money back immediately. True story. I 100% believed that we could saunter into the FB ads dashboard, drop $1,000 and immediately see a return. I mean, why wouldn’t I think that?! So many FB ad experts had told me “just invest in Facebook ads and your business will grow”. … Read More