9 Unexpected Lessons We’ve Learned from Running an Online Business

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It all started on a balcony in Tamarindo, Costa Rica on December 7, 2012… Josh and I were a few days away from getting married and mere weeks away from celebrating our first year in business, running our affiliate marketing business together. The sun had just set (which I Instagram’d), “Roots, Rock, Reggae” was playing in the background and we had … Read More

How To Book Your First Speaking Gig with Alexia Vernon

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Imagine this… You’re on stage, delivering a killer talk to an audience filled with your dream customers. You’re in the flow, you can see the audience responding to what you’re saying and when you’re done, they ERUPT into mad applause and a stream of people flock to connect with you. It sounds like a sought-after entrepreneur and speaker’s dream, right? … Read More

How To Start and Grow a Facebook Group for Your Business

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You know the feeling you get when you think about everything you want to create and achieve with your business? That oh-my-god-I-want-it-all feeling? That I-freakin’-LOVE-my-business feeling? That I’m-going-to-be-OPRAH-rich feeling? But then when you sit down and try to figure out HOW you’re going to make your dreams happen you start to slightly panic inside because you think “oh crap, how … Read More

Ain’t No Website Shame in Our Game: A Before & After of the New Screw

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We all do it. We dream BIG dreams for our business… We envision thousands of subscribers… Industry-wide notoriety… 5-figure months that rival half our yearly salary… And the waves of success that are sure to come rolling in as soon as we launch! So we grind it out and get our website up using a simple WordPress theme, we create our own logo (I’ve done … Read More