Don’t Quit Your Day Job

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Since we started this site we have been fortunate enough to connect with different people from different countries with different jobs and different situations. They say they want this life. They want to learn. They want the freedom. They want the money.

May 10th: One Chapter To Go

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One more teeth-grinding of a chapter to go before the final draft is ready for editing. If there is anyone out there who hasn’t figured out who they really are deep down, commit to writing a book and you’ll find out what you’re made of very quickly. The challenge is figuring out if the information you provide is going to … Read More

May 6th: Dreamin’ Ain’t Easy

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Today Jill and I had one of those truly electric moments where we sat down at the corner coffee shop and dreamt up a list of things we needed to experience in the next 5 years. Afterwards we certainly felt a major injection of energy, but during the exercise I certainly noticed a level of anxiety at many of the … Read More

May 5th: Spotting the Opportunity

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One of the challenges I have faced with both our skin care and our beauty sites is that we have two thriving newsletter lists full of people who have signed up to get weekly free DIY tips. Now to most people that doesn’t sound like a challenge, it sounds amazing!

May 2nd: Being Vulnerable

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Today was an exciting day! We had our first podcast interview with Mike Cowles from Epic Marketer! It went seamlessly and was a ton of fun. We laughed, we shared insights, lessons we have learned along the way and we talked shop. We couldn’t have been happier with how it went. And then it was over and I went into … Read More

Fitting Out

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Why is it that from the moment we’re born, most people travel down a path that would eventually lead to us fitting into societies requirements as to how we should live our lives. Perhaps it has something to do with our overwhelming need for connection. To be apart of something is to connect with others who are apart of the … Read More

April 25th: Femspiration

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There is not one week that goes by that I don’t look to my fave femmes to drop some business knowledge on me, inspire me to level up and reach for more in our business. Whether that is an idea for a product, a topic for a post, a marketing strategy or just a new way of looking at an … Read More