Creating Your Own Opportunities

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A few weeks ago Ashton Kutcher gave a speech at an awards ceremony that made all the girls scream (shocking, I know), went viral and appeared in my Facebook feed for, oh, 2 weeks straight.

While the speech was good there was one thing he said that truly resonated with me:

“Opportunity looks a lot like work.”

The minute those words left his lips I wanted to jump up and scream “I love you Ashton!” in unison with the rabid tweens.

But since it was just me in the apartment I figured my efforts would be futile. So I decided to write about it instead.

From Highlight Reel to Behind-the-Scenes: My 28 Truths

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A few weeks back I had a chat with my sister-in-law over a (big) glass of wine about being honest, and how it is truly the only way to behave in business.

Fast forward a couple days later and a blogpost sauntered into my inbox from one of my favourite bloggers on the web – Ash from The Middle Finger Project – about opening up and being unabashedly honest, and it ignited something in me.

It stirred a desire deep down inside, daring me to be utterly honest about my life.

The One Thing You Need to Succeed

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I used to hate the ‘F’ word. I cringed each time I thought of it and felt an overwhelming sense of unease every time I felt as though it might be creeping into my life.

I have since learned how essential that one tiny ‘F’ word is to my personal development; because without failure I wouldn’t be where I am right this very minute.

Oh. Wait. Did you…? You didn’t think I meant I hated THE ‘F’ word did you? Fuck no! I love that word! But today I’m talking about my other favourite ‘F’ word – failure – and why it is utterly crucial to embrace it in order to become who you truly wish to become.

Get ready for a story because I have a lot to say…

You’re Never Too Old

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Sheee’s baaaack!

Weena is back, rocking my whole world and imparting wisdom on me – in between Reverse Triangles and Dolphin Headstands, of course.

A few days ago I was partaking in yet another brutal ass kicking from this inspirational yogi girl crush of mine when she gave us a 2 minute reprieve to collapse onto our mats and grab some water.

Usually within this time she would crack a few jokes or maybe practice some crazy move where she contorts herself and we all just sit there staring, mouths agape.

But this time was different.