[EP 44] 3 Reasons Why Saying “No” Will Help You Take Your Business To The Next Level

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3 Reasons Why Saying -No- Will Help You (1)
You know that feeling you get inside when you say "yes" to something you reeaaallllly want to say "no" to, but you feel guilty or selfish or just bad in general for doing so? It's that heavy feeling. That "should I cancel?" feeling. We've all been there. We've all committed to those events, those hangouts, those projects, those meet-ups, those ... Read More

3 Steps to Overcoming Your Fears and Dealing with Change

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3 Steps to Overcoming Fear and Dealing with Change
Let's face it: When you are gearing up to make some big changes in your life (like, starting your own business!) a lot of fears and anxieties start to creep in. You start to doubt yourself, your abilities and the reason why you are leaving your old, comfortable life behind for a whole new life of uncertainty. Fortunately, our friend Sebastiaan ... Read More

Creating Your Own Opportunities

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A few weeks ago Ashton Kutcher gave a speech at an awards ceremony that made all the girls scream (shocking, I know), went viral and appeared in my Facebook feed for, oh, 2 weeks straight. While the speech was good there was one thing he said that truly resonated with me: “Opportunity looks a lot like work.” The minute those … Read More

The One Thing You Need to Succeed

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I used to hate the ‘F’ word. I cringed each time I thought of it and felt an overwhelming sense of unease every time I felt as though it might be creeping into my life. I have since learned how essential that one tiny ‘F’ word is to my personal development; because without failure I wouldn’t be where I am … Read More

You’re Never Too Old

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Sheee’s baaaack! Weena is back, rocking my whole world and imparting wisdom on me – in between Reverse Triangles and Dolphin Headstands, of course. A few days ago I was partaking in yet another brutal ass kicking from this inspirational yogi girl crush of mine when she gave us a 2 minute reprieve to collapse onto our mats and grab … Read More