The 3 Golden Rules of Affiliate Marketing

The 3 Golden Rules of Affiliate Marketing

There tends to be a lot of hype and a lot of bullshit surrounding affiliate marketing; which can make it a tad difficult for someone to determine what they should or shouldn’t be focusing on with their website. That’s why we’re breaking down our 3 golden rules to affiliate marketing so you can model our […]

Tips on how to guest post

How To Guest Post Like a God(dess)

SEO can be one of the trickiest elements in getting your site to soar up the search rankings. It’s a process I both love and loathe. Instead of choosing to focus on placing our link on some shady network of high PR sites or commenting on hundreds of sites in the hopes of finding a […]

Reasons why you should be marketing on Pinterest

943 Words on Why You Need to be Marketing on Pinterest

So here I am sitting in our hotel lobby in Koh Samui, Thailand, killing time before our flight to Krabi. Usually I would use this time wisely to get some solid work done, yet today I find myself creeping Pinterest, doing anything but working. An almost-daily occurrence in my work routine. Typically I would guilt […]

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