April 19th: A Much Needed Break

JillLifestyle4 Comments

Occasionally, like when you’ve been working for 13 days straight *points to self*, you need a break. You crave shutting your brain off. And you want to talk about anything, literally anything, other than work. Now don’t get me wrong, we looooove what we do (which is probably why we worked 13 days in a row without realizing it) but … Read More

April 18th: Ups & Downs

JoshLifestyle2 Comments

Day 1 of the Daily Screw was one of ups and downs. We decided to wake up a little later than usual which is probably the reason why we took a turn to negative town. Sales were slightly down, but that’s fine. We both make it a huge point to NOT let daily income determine how we feel.

Lessons From the Koh Tao Mafia

JoshLifestyle9 Comments

When living on a small island in the Bay Of Thailand you can hear some pretty crazy shit. For instance, a couple we met here moved into an apartment right next to Jill’s yoga studio. The place they found was a really nice one bedroom apartment, fully decked out with beautiful chic Thai furniture, dark hardwood floors – plus it … Read More

Ready, Willing and Waiting

JillLifestyle3 Comments

I have been wanting to get my ass in gear and start writing this one post for SO long. To start this site. To start documenting the lifestyle that we consider ourselves so fortunate to be living. And yet I’m not sure why today is the day I have decided to start. After all, as I sit here writing it’s … Read More