How To Humanize Your Business and Not Act Like a Douchebag

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When we first started building our network of affiliate sites we did it all wrong.

We barely researched our products, we included crappy stock images and we used the most boring, cold, corporate sounding language. Essentially, we didn’t care.

Actually, scratch that, we did care….about money.

But the funny thing was we were hardly making any. You know why? Because we didn’t care about our readers!

How To Inject Some Personality into Your Biznass

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Injecting personality into your business

*I had to use this photo for this post, they have the best hours of operation I’ve ever seen. It just oozes personality. Which reminds me…*

If there is one thing I wholeheartedly believe in, it is the simple fact that when it comes to creating sites, marketing online and building a brand, you have to be yourself.

You have to keep it real; flaws, wackiness, beliefs, failures, triumphs, spelling mistakes (no, wait, spellcheck that shit!) and all.

I can’t tell you how many times throughout any given week I come across a site – usually someone trying to sell something or market themselves online – that is simply a boring, personality-barren, soul-sucking, corporate-sounding website.

These sites accomplish nothing other than me (and I assume most visitors) bouncing off the site without visiting another page, checking out their social presence (if it exists) or signing up to their newsletter, let alone buying a damn thing.

It does nothing other than waste that little slice of cyberland.

And it doesn’t have to be that way.