Work and Life Balance: How We’re Prepping Our Business for a New Baby

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family and business balance

Well, things are gettin' really real over here at Screw HQ and we're in countdown mode until our little baby boy arrives in t-minus 4 weeks! *pops champagne bottles* <– JK I'm still pregnant

And since we are first time parents (and really aren't sure what kind of chaos to expect), we've been prepping our business behind the scenes for his arrival for nearly 2 months straight now!

So what measures have we put in place to ensure our business runs as smooth as possible AND we have the time to take a step back and enjoy some blissful baby time?

We're breaking it all down in this episode and calling in some reinforcements.

(You'll see what I mean)

The Biggest Takeaways from This Episode:
  • {5:19} Planning Q1 in Q4
  • {6:34} What and HOW we planned out the first 90 days of 2018
  • {12:33} How we broke our Q1 projects down into easy-to-accomplish tasks
  • {16:20} A brief into to the man who has changed our whole efficiency game
  • {19:15} How we've made batching our bitch
  • {22:17} What we've done offline to increase our levels of support (and sanity)
  • {26:18} Advice from entrepreneurs who balance both a business and family life
Resources Mentioned in This Episode:
  • Hi Josh! Can you please put into show notes a link to that planner you mentioned? 🙂 Thanks!

    • Ahhh good catch! Added it in but it’s also over at 😀