April 23rd: Missing Home

JillLifestyle4 Comments

Today is my mom's birthday. And I'm missing it.

Now for some people this may not be a huge deal because you get to be overseas, living your dream life or planning your next adventure, but for me it's a sad day.

You see, my mom and I are thick as thieves. We talk nearly every day and I miss her wackiness more and more each day that I'm not back home sipping a glass of Pinot (her chosen libation) with her.

But as much as I would love to be home to give her a big hug and sing happy birthday in my most off-key voice possible, I would be devastated to leave Thailand already.

It's the main challenge of this lifestyle for me. While I absolutely love our life here, I am so insanely aware of the QT I am missing out on with my closest friends and family.

It makes me sad but it also makes me grateful. Grateful for the fun, the laughs, the chats and the hugs I'll get when we do go home for a visit next year.

I look forward to those times, but for now I'll simply wish my mama – the most amazing woman I know – a huge, love-filled happy birthday!

Only 387 days til I get a big squishy hug from you and hear your over-the-top loud, high pitched voice in person again. *happy sigh*


  • mame clark

    Oh Jill….I love you so much. You touched my heart and soul with your comments. I am counting the days until I can hug you again…..and have pinot with you! You’ve made my birthday extra special. Thank you.
    Love, Mom.

    • Jill

      Love YOU, very much 🙂

  • Ali

    Don’t be sad jilly bean, we love u very much and we can skype whenever u please. With all your hard work, the next year will fly by and youl be back at the cottage drinking wiiinnnneeee.

    • Jill

      yay wine!!