April 22nd: Staying Calm

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Today was one of those challenging days to start the week off. I'm attempting to register the motorbike we bought secondhand here in Chiang Mai. However being that we live in Thailand, nothing is ever as simple as it should be.

In order to register any vehicle on a tourist visa (even scooters), you must first have the following:

  1. The green book (to prove ownership)
  2. A two page document (filled out in Thai and NOT English)
  3. Photocopies of your passport and the previous owners.
  4. Photocopy of the previous owners working visa.
  5. Proof of residency. Either a residence certificate which you can get from immigration or a statutory declaration by your consulate saying that you do in fact reside in Thailand.

And I'm still not 100% sure if that is enough! Somehow I managed to get a hold of everything except for my proof of residency. So I journeyed down to Thai Immigration today in an attempt to obtain that document. When I arrived, I was immediately told to “go away and come back next month because we are too busy.”

It could have been easy to lose my shit and yell at the girl who spoke those words, but I remembered that today was all about facing challenges and the only way to get through it would be to stay calm.

So, after a couple of more questions I thanked her for her time and walked out the door before returning home. Still feeling somewhat calm (it wasn't easy) I jumped online, found the number for the Australian Consulate and gave them a call. Fortunately they told me they could do it right away, except for one thing – I had to do it in person and the consulate was an hour and a half flight away in Bangkok!

Still I stayed calm.

And then an interesting thing happened. Jill reminded me that we were going to Bangkok in less than a month anyway so I could do it then. Problem solved!

Looking back, there were a number of occasions that I could have lost it and completely ruined the day, but I didn't and as a result a solution came to me. Okay so I didn't get my bike registered today, but that's okay. Maybe the whole point of this exercise was to challenge myself to stay calm even under the most irritating of circumstances.

And the same is true in business. Shit always happens, but it's not about avoiding it as much as possible. Instead, I firmly believe that what's more important is what you do when it arises.

Remain calm and you'll think of something.


  • A good option is to buy it the bike in Vietnam. All you need is the cash and ensure you get the bikes registration details and off you go. I’m sure there is a little more to it as I’ve never personally been through the process but I met heaps of people who have done this in Nam!

    Easy Rider


  • Damn Vietnam, everything sounds so simple in that country! Gotta get my ass there some time this year hopefully.

    Easy Rider…haha

  • Jill

    After a full day of researching I think we have finally found a way to do it…in BKK…which is a tiiiiny bit closer than Vietnam 😉

    Also, how would a Vietnam registered bike work here in Thailand for insurance, I wonder?