April 20th: Accountability

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Today was a big day. We finally set a launch date for our book “The Art Of Authority”, due to go live (for free) on May 20th. One of the most difficult challenges in our business is forcing ourselves to set up a situation where we are held accountable.

Accountability is one of the best life hacks when it comes to rapidly producing results and avoiding times of procrastination. One really noticeable thing I found today, was the difference in productivity that occurred once I had set the launch date.

It's as though, subconsciously, my brain decided that if the book must be completed in a month's time, it better get to work making sure that happens.

And it's not just work where accountability holds weight.

The same is true for your health, social life and just about anything you can think of. Having the courage to “put something out there” and feel comfortable with the state of vulnerability that is sure to follow, just may be one of keys to long term success.