April 18th: Ups & Downs

JoshLifestyle2 Comments

Day 1 of the Daily Screw was one of ups and downs. We decided to wake up a little later than usual which is probably the reason why we took a turn to negative town. Sales were slightly down, but that's fine. We both make it a huge point to NOT let daily income determine how we feel.

Hint. Monthly over daily income reports always hold more weight in your business. More data, means more to work with as far as making further improvements to your site(s). And trust us, it really takes the pressure off!

Today we worked at a hip little place called “The Coffee Bar”. Fast internet and great ice coffee is always a nice combination.

Although it wasn't the most productive of mornings, we managed to turn it around and that's the important thing.

I mean how can you not when you have ‘housey' time to look forward to…

This is housey time


  • Sabrina

    Bless your silly little souls! I love the title “Daily Screw” though it does tend to make my mind hit the gutter…..just sayin’!

    • Jill

      All that matters is that it catches your attention 🙂