How To Make Money with Niche Sites

Case Study #1: How To Build & Monetize a Niche Affiliate Site

Sick and tired of trying to figure out how to make money online? Steal our exact method for building, growing, and monetizing niche websites with our step-by-step case study!

Does this sound familiar: You scour the web for information on how you can make money online, but all you find are dodgey-looking products, vague tutorials, and empty promises?

We know that feeling all too well.

In fact, when we were first starting out we latched onto many different websites that promised to show us exactly how they achieved the level of success they had. To be open and transparent about their strategy. To help guide their readers through the process of creating and monetizing websites.

But They Never Did!

They fell through on that promise and we were left to figure it out by ourselves.

Fast-forward a few years, and a couple (*cough* hundred) mistakes later and we’ve figured it out. We’ve created a system that has free’d up our finances, our time, and most importantly allowed us to live our ideal lifestyle.

And now we’re passing it onto you in our free ongoing case study that allows you to steal our precise method for making money with affiliate websites.

Our goal is to make this process as easy as possible for you to follow along and use in your own online business.

It’s the case study we wish we had when we were first starting out!

Jump right and get started with Week 1 now…

This is gonna be rad!

Week 1: Setting Our Goals and We Reveal Our Niche 

Week 2: Our Overall Strategy Revealed!  

Week 3: Our On-Site Strategy

Week 4: A Surprise Twist

Week 5: An Exciting Update!

Week 6: We're Cruisin', baby!

Week 7: Dips, Organics, and 3 Outgoings!

Week 8: A Quick Note

Week 9: Life Post-Hummingbird

Week 10: We Hit Page 1!!

Week 12: We Made Our First Sale!

Week 13: From 1 Sale to $250 in ONE WEEK!

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