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SEO is not my thing. I don’t generally find it interesting, if anything I find it downright confusing and ridiculously time consuming. Luckily, I married a dude who loves it and relishes in discovering new tactics and strategies. While I’m completely SEOver it, I am also acutely aware of its importance to our overall business and therefore know I need … Read More

Wheatgrass & SEO

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Let me start by apologizing for not sticking to a regular posting schedule with the Daily Screw over the last two weeks. Unfortunately getting the book finished and available on time took precedence over everything else. All I can say about last month is, “I’m glad it’s over” and now we can get back to building our biznass!

Don’t Quit Your Day Job

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Since we started this site we have been fortunate enough to connect with different people from different countries with different jobs and different situations. They say they want this life. They want to learn. They want the freedom. They want the money.