[Ep137] How Adrienne Dorison Ditched her 9-to-5, Eliminated Debt & Created a Profitable Business

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Okay, so we all want to screw our 9-to-5, am I right?

I mean, let's be honest, for some of us, it can feel like we are stuck there.

Going nowhere fast.

Eternally overworked, underpaid, and undervalued.

Just… trapped.

What’s more is we’re making someone ELSE rich in the process!


So let me ask you…

Does your current job ever make you feel replaceable?

Like a paper pusher?

Like the company really doesn't care, as long as you do your job?

Ooooof! I get it.

Know who else gets it?

Adrienne Dorison.


Because she was stuck in a soul-sucking corporate day job (that was actually an ALL-HOURS job) for years, and she knew there had to be more.

So what did she do?

She built a dedicated side hustle around her passions, that’s what.

And six months later?

*drum roll*

She had paid off $48k in debt, built a profitable business, and was able to screw her 9-to-5.


*fist pump*

How did she do it?

Well, in this episode she is breakin' it all down, and let me tell you, girlfriend is not holding back!

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Words Of Wisdom In This Week's Episode:

  • How did Adrienne pay off $48k of debt AND screw her 9-to-5, in just 6 months?!
  • What was Adrienne doing before, and why did a corporate job not work for her?
  • Adrienne breaks down how she turned her side hustle and her passion into a full time business- and how you could do the same!
  • Stressing out? Rushing? Here’s why you need to take time to acquire your skills
  • Consistency, relationships, and reputation—we're diving in deep
  • What is success REALLY?
  • Why building relationships is so crucial in business
  • How action creates clarity,and clarity creates confidence
  • What’s your MIM (most important mission)? We break down the ‘one thing’ rule



  • Great episode! I loved hearing Adrienne’s story of paying off her debt in 6 months. Valuable tips around building ‘real’ relationships and delivering exceptional value too!