A Roller Coaster of Emotions

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I was so tempted to call this post ‘A Glass Case of Emotions' but I figured that might be a little too Ron Burgundy….although can anything ever be too Ron Burgundy?

I'm getting off track.

The reason we initially started up our Daily Screw series was to give you guys a glimpse into our daily lives, our business and everything that goes on in between; but in that time it's morphed into a place where we can celebrate our successes, shed a tiny light of insight or vent about something that's bugging us.

You see, I'm the type of gal who wears her heart on her sleeve. I tell it like it is and I tend to be honest to a fault.

And today is no exception.  

*takes a deep breath*

Running your own business is fucking challenging. It's taxing. It's difficult. It wears on you. It is a roller coaster. And it can be downright stressful.

Today is one of those days.

Not only am I struggling with coordinating Skype meetings with our team overseas but I'm looking at our traffic and it's down. But not just our traffic, our sales too.

Usually I'm pretty good with this sort of stuff. I can look at a low sales day and see it for what it is – a one-off. But this week we've had a few bad sales days and well, it is starting to feel a little defeating.

I mean, Jesus Christ! It's so annoying busting your ass, working as hard as you can, balancing a bunch of sites, tasks and people only to have things not pan out the way you planned. You make so much progress and within one week it can feel like all of that is stalling.

You wonder: Is it my calls to action? Is it my content? Is it the products I promote? Or worse, is it me?

It's draining, it's frustrating and it's fucking annoying.

But would I do anything else? No.

As much as I want to scream, throw a tantrum and take the rest of the day off I've come too far to let it go, to switch it up, to change direction or to get off track.

Besides, behind all of this frustration is a hardcore love for what Josh and I have created together.

It may be a roller coaster ride but I've never been one to shy away from a scary roller coaster ride – like that time I was 6 years old and got kicked in the face by some ‘tween' jumping the line to get ahead of me for the Ghoster Coaster at Canada's Wonderland (Hanna Barbera land, what up!).

Did I let that stop me? Hell no! Instead, I rode that bitch like it was my job and I didn't have a cotton ball shoved up my nose!

So maybe I should take a cue from my undaunted six-year-old-self, shut the hell up, harden up and get back to riding that roller coaster.

Besides, it's nothing a good ugly-cry sesh won't fix. Or wine. I like wine better.


  • Ali

    You can doooo it! If it was easy as pie, you wouldn’t feel challenged! Goooo J&J !!

    • Jill

      Amen to that!