April 19th: A Much Needed Break

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Occasionally, like when you've been working for 13 days straight *points to self*, you need a break.

You crave shutting your brain off.

And you want to talk about anything, literally anything, other than work.

Now don't get me wrong, we looooove what we do (which is probably why we worked 13 days in a row without realizing it) but today I hit my limit.

I needed to stop thinking about keywords, conversions, guest posts, site posts, social networking, branding, infographics and newsletters.

Today I just needed to think about me, my husband and having some freakin' fun.

So we did just that. We shut the laptops. We got out of the house. We toured around the Old City. And we found ourselves in a greasy spoon American restaurant, sharing a bucket and crushing a cheeseburger.

We talked about life. Us. Travel. New adventures. And the products we are planning (okay so we did talk a little bit about work, but we can't help it, we love it!).

With our tummies bulging (greasy North American food will do that to ya) and our souls satiated we headed home to get ready for a rad rooftop birthday pool party for one of our blogger buddies, Ryan, from Pause the Moment, his girlfriend Liz and our other two awesome friends Gillian (from One Giant Step) and her man, Jason.

Chiang Mai bloggers

It was these few precious hours of blogger bonding that truly capped off our day, drove home how fortunate we are to be building our lifestyle business and how incredibly grateful we are to have met these four amazing people.

Turns out, sometimes, leaving the house and getting out of your head is all you need.


  • David

    OM fucking god. You make me SOOO jealous. Don’t get me wrong I love my life and I love my online business. I do really well but I so want to travel and have the free life you enjoy but too scared he he. I’m so happy your soaking it all up and living life as it should be led!! If I ever get my arse out of Utah I may have to give you 2 a shout and meet up. I want a pool party in the middle of the week lol.

    • Jill

      Why don’t you do it? If you do well online, have the freedom of working online and the money that comes with it…what’s holding you back? And why are you scared to travel? It is hands down the best thing you could ever do for yourself 🙂

  • Ali

    Josh is doing the face!!! Did you talk about your lovely sister and her cheeky boyfriend?

    • Jill

      um, obviously 😉