A Mondayitis Motivation Moment

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Mondays. I used to hate 'em. They were always filled with mile-long to-do lists and an overwhelming “how the hell am I going to get through it all?” sensation. And no matter how hard I worked that day, I always seemed to feel better on Tuesdays.

I don't know why but that's just me.

Then I stumbled upon a wicked little video compilation full of wisdom, quotes that resonated with me and inspiration that got me jacked to kick the week's ass.

And I figured, hell, if I feel this way about Mondays then surely others do as well.

Well no more, I say!

This week I dare you to cure your Mondayitis once and for all. Starting right now.

So go on. Click that sexy little play button.

But before you leave to spread this sage advice, tell me: what was it that resonated with you the most throughout this video?

Personally, I loved “where focus goes, energy flows”. That shit made every hair on my body stand up. It sat with me and I have repeated it every single day since I first watched this video weeks ago. True story.


  • Eddie

    Thanks for sharing Jill, I love this bad boy 🙂

    Favourite part for me is where the guy is talking about planting a seed in the ground and relating it to success. I like it because success in any area is all about planting a seed and watering your dreams. There’s a lot of stuff we can’t control but we can control what we do and how hard we work. Just because you don’t see results today or tomorrow doesn’t mean it’s never going to happen. Keep pushing forward 🙂

    • Jill

      A-freakin-men Eddie! I couldn’t agree with you more. Success never happens overnight which is why I hate when people try and sell the get rich quick bullshit. It doesn’t work like that. True success is born out of perseverance and dedication…at least, I believe it is 🙂

      Glad you liked this video, I’m so obsessed with it!

  • BOOM!

    That. Is. All…

    • Jill

      Lol! You like??

  • Sarah

    WOW! Just what I needed tonight. Early to bed now and early to wake tomorrow to WORK. Thank you so much!

    • Jill

      Nice Sarah, that’s what I like to hear! Get it done, girl 🙂

  • Rich Kenwrick

    I’m surprised no one else has commented. Two things jumped out at me. “You rarely do what you should, you always do what you must. Make success a must!” – How true! Also, I turn thirty in three weeks and apparently will then only have 21,000 days to live. Hopefully not so true Lol! Have saved the video to watch back when I am struggling to get motivated.

    • There were a few comments…but then we changed our comment provider and they were lost, but so happy to hear this resonated with you!

      The dirty 30 is the perfect excuse to get started too!

      • Rich Kenwrick

        I thought so. My aim is to have my niche sorted, my affiliate product picked and a website ready to go live on the morning of my birthday, May 24th. If it happens before then, I’ll have to find myself a new target, but I will get it done by that day.

        • That’s a FANTASTIC goal, Rich! Keep us posted on your progress 🙂