301 Redirect Your Fear

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Tips on how to redirect your fear

Running your own lifestyle business can be scary.

Really scary.

Not knowing how many sales you will get today can be scary.

Not knowing whether your site is going to get slapped in the next update can be scary.

Not knowing why your traffic isn't converting as well this month as it was last month can be scary.

Not knowing what the heck to do with your newsletter can be scary.

Not knowing who to hire can be scary.

Not knowing everything there is to know about running a lifestyle business can be scary.

Not knowing if others have faced the same fears and faltered, or overcame them, can be scary.

It is perfectly normal.

We all get scared. Nervous. Intimidated. Fearful. Anxious. Doubtful.

There is nothing strange, weak or negative about recognizing our fears. We just need to learn how to move past it, or as I like to call it, 301 redirect it.

That's my little slice of webby humour. I hope you enjoyed that.

Moving on.

Why Do We Feel Fear?

Basically, when you break it down, for those of us who are choosing to live an unconventional life we are choosing a path that has us existing outside of our comfort zone.

When this happens, and we choose to shed the traditional expectations of how we live, our emotions can become a tad volatile – alternating between “this is the best decision I've ever made” to “is this really the right decision?”.

It can be draining and it can be disheartening. Especially when the latter is overshadowing the former thought.

The good news is, you are not alone.

We have felt this fear. Hell, we still feel the fear from time to time. It's a natural part of what we do.

But you don't have to wallow in the fear. You don't have to give it strength. Instead, you can use these simple tricks to recognize your fear, move past it and live the life you have imagined.

From Fearful to Fearless

In order to make the move from fearful into fearless you need to get real, with yourself.

We are creatures who create some of our most debilitating fears from stressing about what could happen to us in the future.

What if I'm not good enough? What if I never meet that special someone? What if I don't make enough sales? What if no one likes my site? What if I quit my steady job only to fail in my own business?

These are common fears and they are doing you more harm than good.

And let me ask you this: how many of your fears have actually come true?

I bet not many.

So how do we work on becoming fearless and not fearful?

Take Notice

Start redirecting your fear by noticing each time you slip into your old habits. Whether that is stress about money, fear of being rejected, anxiety over not being good enough – anything. Become aware of it.

From there you can start to recognize what it is exactly you are so fearful of and find a way to deal with that fear and redirect it to a more positive state.

Speak On It

For us, we find the one of the greatest ways of dealing with the lingering feelings of fear is by talking it out. Verbalizing what we're so nervous, worried or fearful about and finding ways to move past it.

We work to get to the root of the fear, discover why it exists and try and figure out ways to put things into perspective.

It may sound cheesy but it works for us. Alternatively, if you don't have a partner to vent to, try writing it out. As long as you are expressing it – vocally or not – you are helping yourself to take a good, hard look at the fear and realize that most of the time, it is slightly irrational.

Use It

There is nothing more empowering than recognizing your fear and using it as your motivation.

Now this may be easier said than done but if you can't use that fear to better yourself, you are giving it strength it needs to overcome you.

Instead, push through and harness it to conquer exactly what it is you are fearful of.

Remember; everything is figureoutable and if you want to find a way to move past this fear (even if it's with baby steps), you will. If not, you will find an excuse.

Move Already

When you start to feel those old familiar feelings creeping up on you, leave. Get out. Go somewhere. Do something. Just move.

It has been shown that physical movement has the inherent ability to change your state.

That means get up and leave your surroundings. Go for a walk. Dance around your apartment. Go workout. Go to a yoga class. Go for a drive. Go shopping. Just fucking do something to get you out of your head and into a better state.

Or stay put and dwell.

The choice is yours. But I leave you with the wise words of Cheri Huber…

“Every time we choose safety, we reinforce fear.”

Yeah. That.


  • ‘When you start to feel those old familiar feelings creeping up on you, leave. Get out. Go somewhere. Do something. Just move.’

    I wholly agree with the above.

    The only permanent constant is change.

    Hold on and embrace

    • Jill

      Preach it Jimmy! I love that: “The only permanent constant is change” – profound, my friend 🙂

      p.s. will you hurry up and get back to Thailand already? Geez! 😉

  • mame

    Great post….lots to reflect about.

    • Jill

      Thanks 🙂

  • Sabrina

    I love the idea of using your fear to motivate. So true and sooooooooo motivational!

    • Jill

      I couldn’t agree more 🙂

  • al

    Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you’ve imagined ;).

    Cant take credit for that one, wasn’t me this time!

    • Jill

      That’s my favourite quote…it’s Henry David Thoreau 🙂